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Essential car accessories

These tools and accessories belong in everyone's vehicles.

We all love driving our cars. But mechanical and other emergencies may occur anytime, without any prior indication, which is what makes it essential to have some useful accessories in your vehicle. It may be tough to determine what the essential accessories are if you are a new car owner. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of tools and accessories that will cover almost all of your needs.

Jumper cables

Car jumper cables are the most essential accessory to keep in your vehicle as it may help you with the required support to start your vehicle. If your car battery dies, you'll be glad you have a pair of jumper cables.

Car Jack

When your car faces a mechanical problem or has a burst tire, you may rely on a set of jack and lug wrench to deal with such circumstances. Your vehicle needs support when you need to change the tire and a jack can be the right choice.

Tire gauge

If you believe that your car tire is flat or over filled, the tire gauge may give you a quick overview of the exact condition of the tire air pressure, allowing you to make the right decision.

Steering wheel lock

Your vehicle’s security is essential, especially when you are driving to an unknown place. A steering wheel lock may be the right choice to provide that additional layer of safety to your vehicle while you enjoy a sound sleep.

Sun reflectors

When the sun leaves no chance of relief, the sun reflectors may give your vehicle the required safety from the sun rays so you enjoy cool environment even during the scorching summer days. These sun reflectors need no battery or additional power to perform.

Flash light

You must carry a flash light with your car as it may be helpful when your car breaks down at night.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is the right choice to protect your loved ones, especially during a medical emergency. Unfortunate situations may occur anytime, so it is always smart to be prepared with a first aid kit.

Air pump

If you can’t find a gas station around your way, an air pump may be a great support to fill air in your tires without even visiting a gas station. It is a must to keep in your vehicle’s essential tools.

Tow strap

Tooling up with a tow strap during mechanical faults may be very helpful when you need to take your car to the nearest garage and can’t wait for the mechanic to visit your location. This will help you instantly.

Duct tape

Duct tape is a super tool and belongs in your vehicle's essential tools. Duct tape can help with repairing broken hoses, emergency seat belt, and reattaching rear view mirrors, among other things.

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